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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pro Mini 168 Mini ATMEGA168 3.3V/8MHz

1.14 Digital input / output ports RX, TX D13, D2 ~~ of,
2 or 8 analog input port A0 to A7
3. The TTL level serial transceiver port RX / TX
4.6 PWM ports, D3,, D5 , D6, D9, D10, D11
5. Using Atmel Atmega168P microcontroller
6.supports serial download
please be informed:
this is ATmega168 Chip, 3.3v 8MHz pro mini
You can use it as below:

 Harga RP. 30.000,-

CP 2102 Serial Converter USB 2.0 To TTL UART 6PIN Module

Built-in USB to RS232 Transfer chip.
Designed to be used for USB to TTL electronic projects.
TTL interface output, easy to connect to your MCU.
Status LED.
Dual 3.3V and 5V Power output, work with 3.3v and 5v target device.
Compact design. V1.0

Harga Rp. 45.000,-


5V/3.3V 1pcs Great quality Shell New USBASP USBISP AVR Programmer USB ATMEGA8 ATMEGA128 Support Win7 64K



This programmer is based on Thomas Fischl's USBasp design and connects to your computer's USB port. Not only is it quite compact, but the design is really elegent. The USB interface is achieved by using an atmega processor and the rest is done in firmware. For those interested, the firmware source code can be downloaded from the USBasp we b site.

Some of the features include:
Support for AVRDude from version 5.2 onwards
Allows you to to read or write the microcontroller EEPROM, firmware, fuse bits and lock bits
Support for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows (will work on vista)
5 KB/sec maximum write speed
Software controlled SCK option to support targets with low clock speed (< 1.5MHz)
10 pin ISP interface
These programmers are a perfect companion to the Protostack 28 pin AVR Development Board or the Protostack ATMEGA8 Development Kit.

Supported microcontrollers include:
Mega Series
ATmega8 ATmega48 ATmega88 ATmega168 ATmega328
ATmega103 ATmega128 ATmega1280 ATmega1281 ATmega16
ATmega161 ATmega162 ATmega163 ATmega164 ATmega169
ATmega2560 ATmega2561 ATmega32 ATmega324 ATmega329
ATmega3290 ATmega64 ATmega640 ATmega644 ATmega649
ATmega6490 ATmega8515 ATmega8535
Tiny Series
ATtiny12 ATtiny13 ATtiny15 ATtiny25 ATtiny26
ATtiny45 ATtiny85 ATtiny2313
Classic Series
AT90S1200 AT90S2313 AT90S2333 AT90S2343 AT90S4414
AT90S4433 AT90S4434 AT90S8515
CAN Series
PWM Series

Harga Rp. 65.000,-

WeMos D1 WiFi uno based ESP8266

Support Arduino IDE

   more to see:







Harga Rp. 100.000,-

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Waterproof Digital Thermal Probe temperature Sensor DS18B20 cable Length 1M

1.Brand New High Quality
2.The probe the temperature sensor DS18B20 original chip
3.High quality stainless steel tube encapsulation waterproof moistureproof prevent rust
4.Stainless steel shell 6*50mm
5.Power supply range: 3.0V to 5.5V 
6.Operating temperature range: -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F) 
7.Storage temperature range: -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F) 
8.Accuracy over the range of -10°C to +85°C: ±0.5°C. 
9.No other components, unique single bus interface
10.Output lead: red (VCC), yellow(DATA) , black(GND) 
11.Cable length: 100 cm

Harga Rp. 50.000,-

NodeMcu Lua WIFI Internet of Things development board based ESP8266 module

- Based ESP8266 Serial WiFi SoC dengan onboard USB to TTL menggunakan IC CP2102 (USB to UART Bridge Virtual COM Port)
- Bisa diprogram langsung lewat micro USB to USB.
- Development Board dengan Open-Source Firmware ini dapat dipergunakan untuk mendevelop aplikasi IoT hanya dengan beberapa baris Lua script.
- Wireless standard : IEEE 802.11b/g/n
- 6 x Digital I/O, 3 x PWM Channels, 1 x ADC Channel
- Full I/O control through WiFi network
- GPIO with 15mA current drive capability
- Supports Smart Link intelligent networking
- Built in 32-bit MCU
- built-in TCP/IP protocol stack, and support multiple TCP Client connection
- UART/GPIO data communication interface
Link referensi :
- driver cp2102, http://wwwsilabscom/products/mcu/Pages/USBtoU...
- Contoh program, http://nodemcucom
- Repository (NodeMCU GitHub), https://githubcom/nodemcu


This board uses a Silicon Labs CP2102 USB to serial converter IC. You can download the USB drivers from here:

Harga Rp. 115.000,-

Arduino Mega REV3 ATmega2560-16AU Board + USB Cable

Arduino Mega REV3 ATmega2560-16AU Board + USB Cable

Operating Voltage
Input Voltage (recommended)
Input Voltage (limits)
Digital I/O Pins
54 (of which 14 provide PWM output)
Analog Input Pins
DC Current per I/O Pin
40 mA
DC Current for 3.3V Pin
50 mA
Flash Memory
256 KB of which 4 KB used by bootloader
8 KB
4 KB
Harga Rp. 160.000.-