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Monday, May 18, 2015

load cell sensor resistance strain 50kg half-bridge sensors

When measuring, the correct force is applied to the outer side of the strain E-shaped beam portion of the sensor (i.e., a strain gauge affixed to the intermediate, adhesive coating with white beam arms) and the outer edges to form a shear force in the opposite direction, i.e., middle strain beam bending necessary changes can occur under stress, strain beam side by another force should not be a barrier. 
The sensor is a group inside the half-bridge strain gauge, you can use the following three: 
1, the use of a sensor with an external resistor full bridge measurement range for a sensor range: 50kg. Higher requirements for external resistor. 
2, the use of only two full-bridge sensors measuring range for the range of the two sensors and: 50kgx2 = 100kg 
3, the use of four full-bridge sensors measuring range for the range of four sensors and: 50kgx4 = 200kg 

Harga Rp. 35.000,-

4WD Smart Robot Car Chassis Kits for arduino with Speed Encoder


Shipping list: 
Car chassis (acrylic material) 2 
DC gear motor (magnetic over EMC testing) 4 
Yellow wheels 4 
20 line tachometer encoder (non-ordinary six-lane ten lines) 4 
Fastener 8 
3D assembly drawings (Chinese version) 1 
Several pillars screw nut 
   About the motor parameters: our default choice of 48: 1 reduction ratio (need to slow motor 120: Requires photographed Notes 1), measured with a code disc (48: a magnetic motor) at 7.2V rechargeable battery case, the traveling speed is about 0.65M / S. The speed is good (for most smart car application), and of course the driving voltage can be increased to improve its speed, the motor operating voltage is recommended, among 5-10V.
Our car chassis has the following advantages: 
1 mechanical structure is simple and very easy to install. 
2 using four gear DC motor turning flexible, good direction. Four drivers, horsepower chronological. Large and stable chassis is very easy to extend 
3 car comes with guns yards, with photoelectric gun shop, you can quickly formed a gun systems. You can speed, distance, composed of closed-loop systems. 
4 car shop L293D with four double L298N motor driver module, four tracking module, as well as 51 control unit seamlessly, leaving red avoidance expansion hole, looking up the system is simple! 

Harga Rp. 350.000,-

3DRobotics 3DR Radio Telemetri Kit 433Mhz


Single TTL 3DRobotics 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit 433Mhz 
- The 3DR Radio telemetry system is designed as an open source Xbee replacement radio set, offering a lower price, longer range and superior performance to Xbee radios. It\'s availabl in 433Mhz; and in the following configurations: serial board (for the air) and USB (for the ground).

- The radio is a 2-way half-duplex wireless communication system with a standard TTL UART interface, based on HopeRF\'s HM-TRP data link modules, and custom firmware that improves upon the modules\' original features and performance.

- The SiK firmware includes a bootloader that permits radio firmware upgrades over the serial interface, and radio firmware with configurable parameters. Firmware upgrades and configuration are fully supported in the APM Mission Planner. Configuration is also possible through AT commands.
3DR Telemetry Kit Specifications
- Very small size
- Light weight (under 4 grams without antenna)
- 433-434.79MHz
- Receiver sensitivity to -121 dBm
- Transmit power up to 20dBm (100mW)
- Transparent serial link
- Air data rates up to 250kbps
- MAVLink protocol framing and status reporting
- Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
- Adaptive time division multiplexing (TDM)
- Support for LBT and AFA
- Configurable duty cycle
- Built in error correcting code (can correct up to 25% data bit errors)
- Demonstrated range of several kilometers with a small omni antenna
- Can be used with a bi-directional amplifier for even more range
- Open source firmware
- AT commands for radio configuration
- RT commands for remote radio configuration
- Adaptive flow control when used with APM
- Based on HM-TRP radio modules, with Si1000 8051 micro-controller and Si4432 radio module
Single TTL 3DRobotics 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit 433Mhz X 1 set

Harga Rp. 450.000,-

650nm 5mW Red Laser Line Module Glass Lens Focusable

Description :
Output Power 5mw
Wavelength 650nm
Working Voltage 3~5V
Working Temperature +10 ~+40 centigrate degree.
Laser Shape Line
Focusable Yes
Material and Color Metal
Lens Glass
Dimensions 12*12*40mm

Harga Rp.65.000,-

Test Hooks Clips for Logic Analyzers Logic Test

Color: Red, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue

Harga Rp. 3.000,-

MAX7219 dot matrix module


 MAX7219 is an integrated serial input / output common-cathode display drivers , which connects the microprocessor 7-segment digital LED display with 8 digits , bar graph can also be connected monitor or 64 separate LED. On type B BCD encoder includes an on-chip , multi-channel scanning loop , segment word drive, but also a 8x8 static RAM for storing each data . Only one external register is used to set the segment current for each LED .

A convenient four-wire serial interface can connect all common microprocessor. Each data can be addressed in the update does not overwrite all of the display . MAX7219 also allows the user to select each of the data code or not coded .
The entire device includes a 150μA low-power shutdown mode , analog and digital brightness control , a scan-limit register allows the user to 1-8 bits of data , there is an LED light so that all the detection mode .

Requires only three IO ports can drive a dot ! No flashing dot matrix display ! Support cascade !

Module Parameters:

1 single module can drive a common cathode 8 * 8 dot matrix

2 module Operating voltage : 5V

3 Module size : 5 cm X 3.2 cm wide X 1.5 cm high

4 holes with four screws , diameter 3mm, can be fixed by using our M3 studs

5 modules with input and output interfaces , support for cascading multiple modules


1 is a block left input port, an output port on the right .

2 When control of a single module , simply input port receiving CPU

When cascading multiple modules 3 , output and input termination CPU, the input output termination module of the first two modules of the first one , the first two modules of terminating the input of the first three modules , and so on . ..

To 51 single example:

VCC → 5V


DIN → P22

CS → P21

CLK → P20

Harga Rp. 50.000,-

DS1307 I2C real-time clock chip (RTC)

DS1307 I2C real-time clock chip (RTC)
24C32 32K I2C EEPROM memory
The using CR2032 rechargeable lithium battery with charging circuit
Solve the problem DS1307 with backup battery can not read and write.
Fully charged, it can provide the DS1307 timing 1.
Compact design, 27mm * 28mm * 8.4mm
Leads to the a DS1307 clock pin, to provide the clock signal for the microcontroller.
Can be cascaded to other I2C devices.

Harga Rp. 25.000,-