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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Motor Inrunner 2030 5250kv

x-flyhobby 1/18 Suvs,Flat car,Small electric boat and bypass the plane brushless motor 2030 5250kv

Harga Rp. 285.000,-

motor inrunner electric B2445 3960kv

X-flyhobby EDF ducted fan rc hobby plane motor inrunner electric B2445 3960kv motor

 Harga Rp. 210.000,-

Monday, November 17, 2014

2.4G FS-CT6B 6CH Radio Model RC Transmitter & Receiver

Super active and passive anti-jamming capabilities.
Very low power consumption.
High receiving sensitivity.
8 model memory, digital control.
Can be programmed by PC with included software.
Full range 2.4GHz 6-channel radio.
4-Model Memory.
4 Type (Airplane, Heli90, Heli120, Heli140).
Integrated timer.
Contrast Adjustment.
Throttle cut.
Computer Programmable.
USB Socket.
Use a linear spread of fine paragraph by exces antenna.
It covers the entire band width of he antenna bandwidth range.
High quality and stability.

Transmitter/Receiver: 2.4GHz
Mode type: Airplane, Helicopter, Glider
Stick mode: Left Hand or Right Hand
Modulation: Frequency Modulation
Antenna length: 115cm/26mm
Code type: PPM/GFSK
Power: 12V DC
Certificate: CE FCC
RF power: Less Than 0.8w
Color: Black + Blue
Item weight: 575g
Item dimension: 180x220x70mm
Package size: 365x250x112mm
Package weight: 968g

Packet content:

  • 100% Brand New
  • 1 x FS-GT6B  Transmitter
  • 1 x FS-GT6B Receiver
Harga Rp. 600.000,-

Propeller 10x45 RED /SET

Precision Motor Shaft Adaptation Procedures
The Hubs may be precisely adapted to motor shaft diameters of 3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 6.35mm, 7.95 mm. Remove the desired locating ring by twisting. Insert the ring with draft angle as shown in the lower figures.The hubs may be adapted to other shaft diameters by drilling the non-precision 8.0mm.hole with a desired diameter through drill.
100% Brand new and high quality!
Electric Flight Propeller

Color: Red
Weight: 28g
Package Weight: 45g

These blades are expendable parts.Before every flight,you should carefully examine them.If anything seems wrong even slightly crashes or any contacts,stop use these blades.Responsible and carefully check with any steps and its equipments.Choose from a suitable flying location to ensure safely for everyone.

Harga Rp 35.000,-

F450 450mm Multi-Copter Quadcopter Rack Kit Frame QuadX Quad+ KK MK MWC

F450 450mm Multi-Copter Quadcopter Rack Kit Frame QuadX Quad+ KK MK MWC
Harga Rp. 350.000,-

Multi Servo Tester 3CH ESC 4.8-6V CCPM Master Checker Meter

CCPM Servo Consistency Master / Servo tester
The device also can be used as a signal generator for electric speed controller (ESC), then you can test your motor system without using a transmitter and receiver.
There are 3 modes to check servos or ESC:
Manual mode: turn the knob with different speed, check the reaction time.
Neutral mode: make the servo go back to the neutral point.
Automatic "window wiper" mode: make the servo swing like a window wipers in the biggest angle.
It can connect 1-3 servos simultaneously and test such as 1-3 servos consistency and so on.
You can also connect 1-3 ESC to test and compare their reaction time respectively.
It can connect 3 servos of the CCPM helicopters and select servos.
It can also connect the servo of airplanes install the steering-box and adjust planes by using such as the neutral mode and so on.

Voltage consumption: DC4.8-6V
Size: 48 x 42 x 17mm
Original box: NO
Color: Blue
Item size: 48*42*17 mm

Harga Rp. 70.000,-

DJI phantom F450 -v2 Multi-Rotor Air Frame FlameWheel KIT

DJI phantom F450 -v2 Multi-Rotor Air Frame FlameWheel KIT 450F-v2 DJI For KK MK MWC 4 Axis C Multicopter Quadcopter UFO Heli

Warna tersedia Merah Putih

Harga Rp. 400.000,-